Some of our education activities are as follows: 

1- Study periods to support the students for their school subjects: Students are given extra lessons during the school year. These lessons, which our benevolent teachers give to the children of our members, are free of charge and encourage and motivate our students to attend.

2- Extra ethical lessons that make the students good and useful for the future of our country and nation: One of the biggest problems of today is that our young people are very indifferent to their parents. In order to minimize such problems, which are always mentioned by elders, teachers and parents, we are trying to hold meetings that are in the form of the lessons of ethics and good manners.

3- Organizing Summer Schools: We are trying to organize activities that will enable our children to spend a useful summer holiday full of activities. In addition to the activities related to the physical needs of our children, such as swimming and sports activities, the Quran and ethical education are also given.