Hesap Sahibi Feyyaz Bilim ve Gelişim Derneği
ŞUBE : Büyükçekmece Şubesi (Şube Kodu 172)
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Hesap Sahibi : Feyyaz Bilim ve Gelişim Derneği
ŞUBE : Büyükçekmece Şubesi (Şube Kodu 121)
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Hesap Sahibi Feyyaz Bilim ve Gelişim Derneği
Şube İstanbul Büyükçekmece Şubesi
Hesap No 9611567
Alıcı Adresi Fatih mah. Veysel Karani Cd. Ata sk. No:5/1 Büyükçekmece/İstanbul

What are your activities?

As Feyyaz Science and Development Association, we serve with our editorial and technical staff in our study office, prepared with the contributions of Suffa Foundation. These services, which started in 2002, reached a great size in a short time as they met a serious need. During the day, we always engage in activities such as answering questions from you, fulfilling your requests, holding meetings with our scientific committee on subjects that require expertise, preparing videos and animations, and translating the works into other world languages. As a result of those works, millions of people have contacted us so far and their questions have been answered. The videos we prepared reached millions of needy hearts all over the world. Some of those works have been translated into languages such as German, Russian, Azerbaijani, Chinese, Dutch, Danish and Bulgarian, primarily English.  Our sites reach about one hundred thousand unique users every day. In addition, approximately 250,000 pages of the sites are visited daily. Users from about one hundred and twenty different countries around the world access the site every day and benefit from them. INTERNET SITES Dozens of internet sites explaining belief and Islam in Turkish and other languages  MOBILE APPLICATIONS Mobile applications that develop day by day and provide fast access to content EDUCATION ACTIVITIES Support to school lessons, summer schools; Quran schools for boys and girls; seminars and religious talks

Site Works:

Mobile Works:

What are your projects related to the future?

  • Our greatest goal is to have our websites broadcast in all world languages.
  • Renewing all our sites in order to prepare them for new technologies
  • Preparing PC, Mac, Linux and Mobile applications for Risale-i Nur and synchronization of those applications with our Risale-i Nur content sites.
  • Broadcasting all our questions and answers in all world languages, primarily in Turkish, as audio and video files.
  • Preparing general presentations and brochures about belief and Islam, and making them available for presentation and distribution in the site.
  • Preparing mobile applications of all our websites
  • A site where we can offer remedies obtained from the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) to our ill brothers and sisters.
  • German version of Seyrangah.tv site
  • A site where we can offer content suitable for our disabled brothers and sisters.
  • In addition, we want to complete all our video works on the principles of belief we have published on seyrangah.tv website and make useful video works on social life. Besides, we are preparing subtitles for our existing videos so that they can be watched by more people. We are considering translating them into other world languages, especially English and Arabic.
  • To form seminar programs called “Tafsir of the Quran” and “Hadith Lessons”, to have those programs prepared by experts in the field and to broadcast them live from our websites.


Can zakah be given to those services?

One of those to whom zakah is given is “fi sabilillah” (those in the way of Allah). Imam Qasani states the following for the interpretation of that phrase in verse 60 of the chapter of at-Tawba as follows: “What is meant by those in the way of Allah is anything that makes man approach Allah. If need arises, everybody who works in the way of Allah and all ways of charity are included in it.” (Badayius-Sanai, 2/451) Fakhruddin ar-Razi states the following in at-Tafsirul-Kabir: The phrase “fi sabilillah” is not confined to mujahids only. Zakah is given to all ways of charity. Washing and enshrouding the dead bodies, building castles and mosques are included in this phrase. Thus, he generalizes the issue. (Razi, Tafsir, Beirut, Ihyaut-Turathil-Arabi, 16/113) Source: https://questionsonislam.com/question/whom-zakah-given-what-are-people-and-places-zakah-can-be-given-it-appropriate-give-zakah


Where are the donations used?

The donations are used for the Internet Services of Feyyaz Science and Development Association.