Feyza Girls’ Quran School, which aims to educate girls, adopted the following statement by Badiuzzaman Said Nursi as its education mission: “The light of consciousness is religious sciences. The light of the mind is modern sciences. Reality becomes manifest when they unite. With those two wings, the effort of the student flies. When they disunite, bigotry emerges in the former and doubt in the latter.” Feyza Girls’ Quran School serves as an open high school as well as a Quran School.

Thus, while our students receive spiritual education with lessons such as the Quran, Tafsir, Siyar and Fiqh, they also receive education from our teachers in a way to be very successful in high school subjects. Our aim is to ensure that all our students are loyal to their religion, true slaves of Allah, decent children obedient to their parents, useful people who love their country and nation, and to help them succeed in the religion and the world.

Along with the value of the principles on which the mission, aim, target and purpose of education will be built, the physical environment in which the educational activities take place is also important. In Feyza Girls’ Quran School, education is given in two villas set up in a large garden decorated with fruit trees and flowers; high school subjects are taught in one of the villas while the spiritual education program is carried out in the other. 

Everything, from the classrooms where our students study to the garden where they rest and play at recess, from the reading room to the prayer and wudu sections, from the terrace to the swimming pool, was prepared for the realization of material and spiritual education at the highest level.

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