1. A) – Our Education Activities:

1- Study periods to support the students for their school subjects: Students are given extra lessons during the school year. These lessons, which our benevolent teachers give to the children of our members, are free of charge and encourage and motivate our students to attend.

2- Extra ethical lessons that make the students good and useful for the future of our country and nation: One of the biggest problems of today is that our young people are very indifferent to their parents. In order to minimize such problems, which are always mentioned by elders, teachers and parents, we are trying to hold meetings that are in the form of the lessons of ethics and good manners. 

3- Organizing Summer SchoolsWe are trying to organize activities that will enable our children to spend a useful summer holiday full of activities. In addition to the activities related to the physical needs of our children, such as swimming and sports activities, the Quran and ethical education are also given. 

  1. B) –Internet WorksInternet has become indispensable in our lives with its increasing use all over the world. Therefore, having adopted the principle of being useful to the people of our society and the world, our association aims to use this communication tool in the best and most efficient way. We have decided to work in a way that will include all segments of the society. The websites below have been created so far. We aim to convey those works to many people in a short period of time. 
  • Islamic Sites 
  • Sites in Foreign Languages  
  • Risale-i Nur Sites 
  • Sites with Social Content 
  • Video Sites
  1. C) –Mobile Works
  • Risale-i Nur Library (Android) 
  • Risale-i Nur Library (iOs) 
  • The Holy Quran (Android)
  • The Holy Quran (iOs)
  • Share illustrated aphorisms (Android)
  • Sorularlaislamiyet (Android)
  • Sorularlaislamiyet (iOs)
  • Sorularlarisale (Android)

 D)- Our Social and Cultural activities: 

  1. Our informative seminars for women, men and children in separate rooms in the association building on Saturday evenings: Those works help many people know the truth and understand the purpose of life. The seminars in question are broadcast live on the internet on Thursday evenings and are archived for permanent broadcasting on our website www.sorularlarisale.com. Those seminars are held in separate rooms of our headquarters in a way that men and women as well as children of certain ages can benefit from.
  2. Quran Recitals Organizations:  These organizations, which cause the divine speech to become a feast for the ears, aim to tell man through the beautiful voices of sincere hafizes that the mortal man is virtually a friend and addressee of the pre-eternal and post-eternal. In such activities, man frees himself from the bondage of the world and worldly things, and enters a lofty and luminous atmosphere. Those organizations were held three times in cooperation with the Suffa Foundation in Büyükçekmece and Beylikdüzü districts of Istanbul. You can watch one of them.
  3. Visits to and travel organizations for our association members living in and outside of Istanbul:We organize Bosporus tours, picnics in unique places where green and water meet, historical excursions to cities such as Çanakkale and Edirne, historical and spiritual excursions in Istanbul for our association members who want to get rid of the stifling and tiring atmosphere of Istanbul. 
  4. Talk programs in the homes and workplaces of our members upon their request: We organize informative talks and meetings in the homes and workplaces of our members upon request. We are planning to organize some technical seminars by our specialized members for companies soon.