Before the Science and Development Association was established in 2007, our activities were carried out in three main fields.

  1. Educational Activities: Extra lessons for school subjects as well as spiritual lessons were given to elementary school, high school and university students. Great efforts were made to raise ethical, virtuous and faithful youth.
  2. Social Activities: Charity sales, trips, conferences, etc. were organized for people from various professions and age groups, especially for women and children; it was ensured that people spent their time in useful services. 
  3. Internet Activities: Our internet services, which started with Sorularla İslamiyet site, which was established in 2002 with the aim of “showing people the correct Islam and honesty fitting Islam”, kept increasing fast and today more than 20 of our sites, which are the most comprehensive sites in their fields, serve actively.

The foundations of this movement, which started with the plans of Sorularla İslamiyet site only, were laid in Erzurum Culture and Education Foundation, started its activities with the support of Istanbul Suffa Foundation. Over the years, this revival movement continued its activities under the official umbrella of the Science and Development Association (2007), and finally, it merged with Feyyaz Education and Culture Association for visual media works and became Feyyaz Science and Development Association. Currently, it continues its services with both internet and audio-visual media works. Educational activities and social activities are also carried out by teams of experts.