The level of economic, cultural and civic values ​​of people and societies that make up countries have a very close relationship with their level of education. We would like to emphasize that what is meant by education here is a value that perfects human beings in material-immaterial, worldly-otherworldly, physical and spiritual aspects. If a person’s spiritual aspect, in other words his personality, is not developed, that person’s being a very good engineer, physicist, administrator or mathematician will not gain him anything. However, if he has a good personality, every contribution that this person adds on him is a value.

Education of individuals is a very important factor in terms of the development of a country. If the individuals are educated, society will be saved and hence the world will be at ease. Most of the injustices, persecutions and problems in the world today are due to the lack of education of people. If individuals are educated, societies will develop and the world will become a civilized and livable place. 



As a distinguished non-governmental organization, Feyyaz Science and Development Association (Feyyaz-Der) has a serious, contemporary and forward-looking vision that aims to provide pedagogical and psychological support, and to be a bridge that will enable philanthropic businessmen to extend a helping hand to successful – but needy – young people by organizing meetings in small groups with the aim of educating, enlightening and developing people through seminars and educational lessons, and educating young people through the internet, which is considered the most important invention of our age.

Our basic principles: Our basic intention in all the services, activities and works we do in any field is to attain the consent of Allah and the Messenger of Allah. Our intention is to eliminate all the hesitations and denials of the century in the light of the Quran, the Sunnah, and the Risale-i Nur Collection, which a tafsir of the Quran meeting all kinds of material and spiritual needs of this century, and to contribute to the services that will eliminate all spiritual illnesses that people, especially Muslims, suffer from. We intend to serve belief and the Quran through maximum devotion, maximum loyalty and close contact, and to compete with ourselves, not with the services of our other religious brothers and sisters, while performing this service. We accept that the most important purpose of our creation is to make efforts to prevent “ignorance, poverty and conflict” from causing the realm of Islam to lag behind. We keep away from all kinds of political and commercial activities and we consider it an essential duty to devote all our work to the service of belief and the Quran for Allah’s sake. We are aware of our responsibility. Thanks to the scientific committees we have formed, we focus on the basic Islamic sources and Risale-i Nur Collection, and examine those works with an investigative eye. To sum up, our intention is sincere, our duty is holy and our goal is to attain the consent of Allah.    

Our Basic Goals:

  1. To serve belief and the Quran by all legitimate means in the direction of our intentions.
  2. To make the sites we established the most popular sites in their fields.
  3. Not to leave any unanswered questions, especially about Islam. To eliminate doubts and hesitations. 
  4. To form the most serious resource archives in all our work fields. 
  5. To train expert staff who will continue all our works. 
  6. To be a reference and model to everybody who do works similar to ours. 
  7. To make the Internet a means of spreading ethics, good manners, belief, justice and truth, not immorality. 
  8. To form areas where young people, women, children and people from different professions can spend their time with good and useful works, not unnecessary things. 
  9. To bring up ethical, decent, faithful, honest, sincere and serious generations and to form a country and world that think healthily and regard peace, justice, fairness and honesty as principles thanks to those generations.